Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Doctor visit tomorrow

Hi there! I have been having pretty typical days...busy, busy, busy! The end of the year is quite an eventful time. Almost every night is another obligation--almost all fun, however!

I am making it around okay; I am just pretty slow. For those of you who know me well, you would be shocked to hear that I am almost considering using a cane until this blasted chemo starts working! My right hip (which is cancer free) has started to ache because I am overcompensating and overusing that leg. My grandma is bringing a cane she no longer uses tomorrow and I will give it a try. It might help me speed up a little. We'll see. The fact that I have not completely shut the idea down should mean to you that my new nickname could be hop-a-long! I hope my grandma won't mind if I paint it hot pink!

I mentioned earlier that I have a doctor’s appointment and an infusion tomorrow. Jake will come too. I plan to ask for more options, and will hopefully let you know tomorrow of the many new ideas Dr. Hayley has in store for me!

My cousin Mandy has come over the past two weeks to visit. This week, my sister Hope came by too. Hope's baby is due any day now!! I love our time together, and I love holding and acting like a silly "Aunt Jess" with Jace. Here is a photo of Jace after we went nuts trying to make him smile. I think he is adorable!


Anonymous said...

JACE IS ADORABLE - Thanks for posting pictures. I am really looking forward to seeing who my new great neice or great nephew will be from Hope.

I am glad that you are looking at alternatives, anything to help you feel better. You also need to get a handicap parking pass - ask for one today. I couldn't believe it when Grandma told me that you didn't have one. You don't have to use it all of the time, only when you feel you need it.

Thinking of you Jess and looking forward to hearing good results from your visit today.

Lots of love to all.
Aunt Janette

Anonymous said...

So fun to see the photos and I am glad you are seeing the doctors today and hopefully they will have some good wisdom. A cane sounds like a really smart idea while you are slowed down with the pain. We jsut heard that you and Katelyn will be coming to Portland that August. That is great news. Amy and Erik will have there new little one will arrive in early July. We will have a great visit. Love, Aunt Lynne