Thursday, June 7, 2007

Doctor today

Today my Aunt Jacque went with me to the doctor! I loved having her along and catching up. We NEVER get to talk without the patter of little feet under foot!

Dr. Hayley said good news on the scan results…no new spots! She is always pleased when there is no growth in my organs. She saw minimal growth in my hip, and the other spots in my bone were still there, but remain unchanged. I went ahead and had a round of chemo this afternoon, my 4th. Because my counts are not high enough to treat with chemo for too long, I will get to have shots to boost my blood cells after round 5+. The good news is that these shots can be administered at home. I will probably ask my sister Hope to come over and give them to me (thanks nurse Hope!).

Dr. Hayley also took two vials of blood for another test called a circulating tumor marking test. She will get a baseline today and repeat with I see her in one month. She can then see if the markers are going up or down. From what I can tell, if they go down, we will continue on the same treatment. If they go up, we will reassess.

I have had a good last few days. I had fun swimming with Jadyn and Bryn early in the week and realized that I have a lot more mobility in the water. I will have to do this more often, as it felt good to play so much with them and be so active. We take little things for granted...

Jake's mom is coming into town late tonight and gets to stay for a short visit until Saturday. We are excited to see her!

Have a good weekend,

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Mil said...

Hi Jessica,
I will try and leave a comment again. Your blog doesn't always like last night when I tried this. Wanted you to know that I pray for you daily and know via Aunt Janette, that the pain is easing a little. Say hello to your mom and let her know that Elizabeth has also started radiation. You ladies take my breadth away.