Monday, February 20, 2006

Today is the Day!

Bryn stayed with friends, but Katelyn went with Jadyn, Jess, and me to get Jadyn's cast off. After we checked in, we went right away to get her cast off. One of the nurses was really good about explaining how the cast would be taken off to a very scared Jadyn. Actually, once Jadyn saw that sawing off a cast doesn't hurt, she did really good. This time they put a layer of Gortex underneath the cast to help keep it clean, and that helped, but it had a 7-week build-up of grossness.

From there we went to x-rays. After that we got the best news of the day-- her hip socket was just the way they wanted it. I was about to say normal, but a hip can't be normal with (what looked like) 4 inch pins and all new bone formed around where they brought the hip together at. Next stop-- a bath. For me this was my favorite part because it was like Jadyn was discovering she had legs again. It may have been Jessica's favorite part too because she got to scrub Jadyn's "alligator" legs until they got to look more like little girl legs. After she got dried off, Jadyn ate lunch via room service (this was one of the things Katelyn told Jadyn about to get her excited about going to the hospital).

Then it was off to p.t. better known as physical therapy or as the therapists told Jadyn: play time. It was really neat how they turned increased her range of motion and muscle strength by playing games with her. She had to move her legs to pop bubbles, drive her "car" (really a walker), and sit down and stand up while playing in the play kitchen. Jadyn smiled the whole time until her legs buckled-- then she cried and play time was over. Jadyn's therapists said she accomplished more in an hour then what is normally done in a week. She said that Jadyn's "I'm going to do it" attitude is going to take her far in life. I see the same thing in Jessica.

Tonight, Jess is staying with Jadyn in the hospital and Katelyn, Bryn, and I are spending the night at Jessa's grandparents. Right now the camera is at the hospital with Jadyn and Jess, but I promise I will post pictures of a certain two-legged girl soon.


Anonymous said...

"I'm going to do it" attitude is going to take her far in life. I see the same thing in Jessica.

Like Mother, like daughter!!! Since Jess was Jadyn's age.

Also - "Bryn, and I are spending the night at Jessa's grandparents" I am so jealous - enjoy the time with my parents, I am jealous!

Love, 'Aunt Janette'

Bangusnd said...

What wonderful news...I can just see Jaydn's determination.

Are thoughts are with you all