Saturday, February 18, 2006

What a Day

For the first time in about four years Jess and I both worked on a Saturday. Both us proctor a teacher-certification test every few months, but in recent years we have been taking turns. However, one of my brave students watched our girls from 6:00 AM to 6 PM today. I asked her if it was hard and she said not really. I asked her if it was a long day and she said not really. I want to know her secret because when I watch the kids all day by myself I'm as wiped out as a straw hut near an errupting volcano. Then we went to church-- late. Jess was still working, so I took the kids myself. On the way there I dropped off Bryn's shoes that I had absent-mindedly set on the car roof. She wore another pair of shoes she had in the car-- a pair of summer slip-ons on a wintery day. After church was over I took the kids home and went out to get Jessica's medicine. I found Bryn's shoes on the way there. They were on opposite sides of the road. One was in the median. The other was in the grass in front of Children's University. Remarkably they hadn't been run-over. At the pharmacy I had a conversation that I've had before with the pharmacist. Me: I'm picking up medicine for my wife, Jessica Kaylor. (The pharmacist retrieves the medicine. The pharmacist looks down, then looks shocked). Me: I know it's going to be a lot. Pharmacist: How much are you expecting it to be? Me: Hundreds of dollars. Pharmacist: We didn't have enough pills for a full refill. The partial refill is $1200. Me: OK. Pharmacist: (says nothing, but shakes her head) I think next time I am going to act completely shocked and start throwing things. Maybe I can even foam at the mouth. I think that is what the pharmacist is expecting. The truth is it doesn't matter if $120 or $1200 we're still going to get the medicine. After I got home, Jess was watching the end of Cast-Away. That is an amazing coincidence because Monday we're all going to watch Cast-Away. Yeah!

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could win the lottery and help your family out with medical bills, but until that happens I will continue to pray for you and Jessica and that the upcoming scan show's shrinking of the tumors. Can't wait to see a new picture of Jayden with no cast.