Tuesday, February 14, 2006

6 Days and Counting...

Our whole family is very excited about Jadyn getting her cast off in less than a week. She has increasingly been more comfortable in it, but she will be even more comfortable without it!

Two neat things have happened with Jessica. First of all Jess got a new pair of shoes yesterday. Jess narrowed what she wanted to two shoes. When she asked the sales clerk if there were any other comfortble shoes, she told Jessica that she had already picked out the two most comfortable pairs. Her final choice was a pair of brown Clark's sandals. They also meet Jessica's criterion of being very cute. The sales clerk told her that the pair she got is commonly purchased by people who have had foot surgeries: perfect!

The second neat thing started out as a huge negative. While we didn't switch insurance, Jessica's insurance company switched their network of providers. At first, Jess was pleased because all of her doctors were on the new network. However, imagine her shock when she discovered that the facilities for UT-Southwestern were not covered. Simply put she couldn't recieve treatment. When she called they told her that she would have to go to Moncrief, which is just ridiculous because Moncrief is a radiation-only treatment facility. However, the insurance nurse (yes, she even has an insurance nurse) was able to get a temporary extention of sixty days in which Jess will be able to get treatment at UT-Southwestern. While this is great, please pray for a permanent solution.

Happy Valentines Day!

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