Thursday, October 25, 2007

2nd round

I had my second round of chemo on Friday. I was pretty sick Saturday night and into Sunday. I worked out with Dr. Haley to get IV fluids this week to try to stay ahead of the curve. So, I went in for most of the day Monday and Tuesday. This helped a great deal!! By Wednesday, I was keeping food down and was not too nauseous. Here we are on Thursday, and I can't believe I feel this good. I am not 100%, but I had such bleak expectations due to the first round's miserable failure! My throat feels good and I am eating more solid foods with ease. And now, I have two more weeks until I have my 3rd round! Yea!! I have decided to ask if I can move my chemo date to Monday, so I can get fluids Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Maybe then, I will not miss a beat. Wouldn't that be something!

Recently, we went out to a pumpkin farm for Evelyn's birthday party. She and Bryn will both enter kindergarten next year at the same school (we hope!). Evelyn is pictured with Bryn in the last picture. They had a blast!

Last year, our family came out to this same pumpkin patch with my brother Alex who lives in northern California. I can't believe it has been a year already. Here is a picture from a year ago! You can date it a little from my hair:)

We all finished our first six weeks of the school year. Katelyn made all A's on her first report card of junior high. Jadyn got to go to her first Koalaty Assembly as a kindergartener. Aunt Sandy gave the motivational message of obeying your parents. I liked this assembly! Below is a picture with Jadyn and Bryn at the assembly. Bryn is itching to be with Jadyn at Wood. One more year! I will miss these all too frequent pictures of my aunt Sandy with the girls at school as she starts her new job and new school in a few months.

This past weekend, we attended the annual pumpkin carving party of some friends of ours. Our pumpkins did not win, but we were proud none the less. Bryn and Jadyn contributed a lot to this kitty-carving this year!

Katelyn participated in her schools haunted house this year. It is sponsored by BAD (Bulldogs Against Drugs). Her group did a room in the haunted house that could be titled the Crypt Memorial Hospital. Katelyn played the role of a surgeon. She got to work on the body of her cousin Corbin. They had a lot of fun, but I was pretty happy to have the make-up off and see my beautiful Katie again! Scary!

My mom won a teaching award that I mentioned in a previous blog. One of her rewards was getting the use of a Hummer for a week. She is all smiles in this big mac truck! I am so proud of her...she really is the best reading teacher ever! I got to drive it today to drop the kids off at school and pick them up. They thought they were celebrities. My cousin Kaylee called it a Hummer-zine! We all had fun. I would definitely consider it as a third vehicle except
a) it does not fit in my garage,
b) it costs $40 to fill it just half way up which lasts appoximitely 2 hours, and
c) it's payment would be three times my current mortgage.

But, it was a lot of fun to drive for a day! Below is my mom in her H2. By the time I stood far enough back to get the entire car in the photo, my mom is a little blurry!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

Yes, what a difference a year makes! I am glad that you are feeling much better. Take care of you.

Love to all,
Aunt Janette

admccomb said...

What great pictures, and I am excited to hear you're feeling good. It's amazing how much difference fluids can make. Know that I'm thinking of you doing all these cancer studies. Hopefully our research will directly benefit you soon. Tell the girls I said hello, and have a great weekend! On another note, have you guys heard the new Newsboys CD? It's really great, and I think the girls would love it!

The Bangsunds said...

Hugs sweet glad to hear things are going better this time.. with all our love, Lynne and Dave