Monday, October 1, 2007

The latest

Hi there. Right now, I am sitting in a very comfortable chair that my Grandparents are letting me borrow for a while until I get one of my own! (Amy, it is just like Eric's chair!) I have not been able to sleep for large blocks of time in the middle of the night (like 12-4!) But, last night, I decided to sleep in the chair and...I did not wake up! Yea:)

Also, some more good news. Sunday and Monday morning were particularly hard. I could not keep anything down and I felt like I was chocking and coughing. Although I had spoken with my doctor's nurse three times about the same symptoms, I insisted that I be seen this morning when I called. I have only been to see doctor Hayley two times for a sick visit in my almost three years of treatment. One ended up being a blood clot, and the other was today.

Dr Hayley, once she examined me, knew without issue, that I had much more than acid reflux. She said my throat was very red and further down, it was predominately red on the left side. She knew then that the radiation I just had on my left clavicle the week before chemo was causing a bad reaction coupled with the chemo to cause esophagitis. She know also that I was again dehydrated and needed more fluids. She took me by the arm (which she has never done) and led me to a chemo room where she remained until the nurses started the fluids fast enough for her liking (immediately).

I received 2 liters of fluid and additional bags of potassium, tagment, and anti-nausea medications. Then she gave me a prescription for two medicines that will help my throat--one numbs it! Yea! I am still having sips of only Gatorade. But, I go back tomorrow for the same IV regimen and might be able to eat a little more soft or liquid foods soon.

Dr. Hayley mentioned that her interim nurse does not have an oncology background and I should have been seen earlier. It just makes me more encouraged and be my own advocate if I think I should talk or see my doctors directly. Unless I have a rapid turnaround, my next chemo round will be pushed back a little so I can have a chance to recover more. She said that it will be much easier next time. I am grateful for a doctor that cares so much to get me well!

I already feel a lot better, but I am taking it easy. Jake already had the week off for a trip we were supposed to take this week, just the two of us. We had to cancel at the last minute because I knew I could not go feeling so bad. We were all very disappointed, but, he has been able to be at the doctor with me all day and is taking such good care of me too! I am grateful for our time together, even if it is at home!

Everyone else is being well taken care of. My great family and friends have made sure that the girls get picked up, fed, and taken to various events (tonight alone, we had 4 between them!!) I am again, so grateful.

More to come later,


Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

When you have any issues that are important enough for you to call, make sure that the message is either always relayed to your doctor for her knowledge, or talk directly to her. You are important and need to always keep her in the loop as you go through this process. I am sure she will tell you the same thing. If anything, it would bring piece of mind.

Take care of you. I'm sorry that you had to go through a bad week, when it may have been preventable. Find out what signs to watch for and keep on fighting.

We are there for you.

Enjoy your week.


Teri Rodgers said...

Hey Jessica, long time no see!

Thinking and praying for you daily.

Keep your spirits up (you're amazing!), enjoy your "vacation" w/ Jake, rest, and enjoy those good scripts to relieve the pain.

Take care,
Your sister in Christ & Cancer

Susie Southern said...

Hello Jess,
Its Susie Southern from MOPS, just wanted to say hello and let you know I am thinking of you. I missed seeing you Monday, I hope your feeling better soon. Your a strong girl and I know the Lord will take care of you and your family.

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry to hear all you have been through lately. I am so glad they figured out the problem now. I hope you have a speedy recovery. God is doing amazing work in you to allow you not to be angry about all the side effects. I admire your obedience to and reliance on Him. Your faith inspires me and so many others!

Our MOPS group wanted to find out who to contact that is coordinating efforts to help y'all in these times of need. Let me know when you can.


Ashlei said...

Hi Jessica,
A friend forward this link to me, and I am so blessed by what I have read so far. Thank you for sharing such a personal journey with us. I also agree with your friend Janette- make sure that if there is any question concerning your care, that you speak to your doctor directly, or have the nurse to have your doctor return your call. As you know with my son Tyler, it is a battle that I constantly struggle with. Luckily I also have doctors that will return calls. God bless, and Samantha wants play day at her house, call me!

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad you got help from your doctor by being so persistent! Doctors can only be helpful when they get information from the people who know their patients best -- the patients themselves!

I'm constantly amazed by your positive outlook in the face of times that would leave a weaker person (like me!) a puddle of frustrated tears! Thank you for making time to keep us all updated with what's going on with you. I always read your blog wishing that I were closer by so I could help with the care of the girls. I'm so grateful that you have such a great support network -- I just might have moved to Texas by now if you didn't!!

It was wonderful to see you up in Portland, even if it was only for a quick visit! I'm grateful that our trips overlapped!

All my love to you, Jake, and the girls,