Friday, October 5, 2007


I have had a bumpy week to say the least. I have spent three of the last four days in the clinic of my doctor getting fluids, literally all day long. When I am home, I am resting a lot. I am thankful for the friends and family in my life who drop at a moments notice to pick up, take to to school, gymnastics, dinner...It is a big relief to know everyone is taken care of. I am also grateful that Jake decided to take the week off anyway. (He and I were to go away on vacation this week until we decided I was too sick to leave). He has woken up early, fixed lunches and breakfasts, dropped and picked up kids and everything in between. Plus, he is putting up with constant requests to rub my back, get a blanket, hand me the computer...He might need a vacation from his vacation!

The good news is the throat is healing, and I am able to keep food down now. This is a big improvement. Today, I have had more food already than I have had in a week and a half! Don't get too excited, that was just an Ensure drink and an applesauce. But, improvement is improvement!

Thanks for your prayers and support. I have said today, "Thank you God for THIS moment!" already. It was in my aunt Jacque's best friend's beautiful pool. I felt good enough to use it today and she had offered it anytime. I was floating in this beautiful pool, looking up at the sun, wondering how I could feel any better! Jake and Bryn had a wonderful time too. It is amazing that we have summer-weather left, but in Texas, we sure do! Bryn said, "It feels kind of like we are on a trip!" Yes, it did. Thank you!

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Tessa said...

I have said thank you God for the moments I got to spend with you in Sunday School today.