Monday, October 29, 2007

3Day and Birthday

This weekend was the breast cancer 3 day walk. This is a 60 mile, 3 day walk benefiting the Susan G. Komen foundation that (I learned yeaserday) has funneled almost one billion dollars into research for a cure for breast cancer. That number is staggering!!

My mom had raised her money (over $3,000!) and was ready and training to walk the race this weekend. Then, last week she broke her foot!! Not a sprain, but a clean break! She was put in a boot and told not to walk. So, when she told our family, Jacque felt like she should walk for mom in her place. Sandy was able to join Jacque in walking too. They had both not trained at all, but felt like they were called to take up where my mom left off in racing for the cure! They did it!!! Mom served as their cheaufer this weekend and was their cheering buddy. I was able to go to a couple cheering stations also and attend the closing ceremonies. It was so emotional. First of all, my bald head let everyone know I was a cancer survivor. I did not realize how that would mean a lot to the people walking, but it did. So many people came up to me to touch my hand, or offer a hug and say that they were walking for me. What an amazing feeling. Also, the closing ceremony had everyone march in together. I was able to watch my aunt Sandy, Jacque and my friend Kara walk in. I saw my other friend walking, Missy, at the opening ceremony, but she did not see me because she had earmuffs on as it was SO cold at the morning of the first day! The breast cancer survivors were last to come in at the closing ceremony. It was very touching to see them, with such courage, walking hand in had to the stage. I also thought of all the women who were there walking for people who had lost their battle to cancer. Thank you to everyone who walked, fundraised, supported, cheered, and a special thank you to the people who bandaged my aunt Sandy's toes in which two nails are about to fall off!

Here are a few photos of the event. These first two are taken when we arrived at opening ceremonies on the first day. It looks like night, but it is really just very early! They got on early start each day.

Here is my mom at a cheering station on this beautiful weekend.

Jacque and Sandy after the first 6 miles.

And on the second day, still smiling, even after 35 miles.

I am not certain, but I think that Jacque and Sandy are wearing the same pants, but on Jacque they are shorts and Sandy, pants!

And, then again on the last day after closing ceremony and over 60 miles in just 3 days. WOW!

Bryn was able to come along with me to cheer on the walkers. She had a lot of fun. When we got home she said, "Mom, tell Jadyn all about our trip!"

Bryn made a poster to hold up for her favorite walkers!

Jadyn came home from school Friday and was not feeling well. She had a high fever Friday night and into Sunday so I took her to a weekend clinic. It turns out she has bronchitis. Poor thing! Today is her sixth birthday and she had to stay home. Fortunately, she is feeling better today so she was not completely miserable. One of the highlights of the day was when her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Maurer called our house and had the entire class sing "Happy Birthday" to a smiling birthday girl! We are blessed with a compassionate, fabulous teacher. Who does that!!?? Jadyn is such a blessing to me. She is soft-spoken and kind. She is a good friend to so many people. I love that she tries hard not to leave anyone out. I have fun watching her play soccer and gymnastics. She hardly crosses the room without flipping a cartwheel. When she was born, we were all thrilled. I remember Katelyn being afraid to hold her at first. When I finally made her when she was just two days old, she did not want to let her go! I am a bit sad that she is growing up so fast. Now she has to use two hands to show how old she is! I would post a baby picture, but I did not have a digital camera then. I'll find an old one...


Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing these pictures. I am so proud of your mom, Sandy and Jacque. What troopers!

Happy birthday to Jayden. Time goes to quick.

Love to all,

Anonymous said...

what a blessing you have with your family, mom and aunts. Congrats to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Is your mom's pant glowing?

Jessica Kaylor said...

That is so funny that I did not notice that when I uploaded the photo! She bought those pants from the 3day website and I guess they have a TON of reflective material on them!! :) Love you, Jess

Anonymous said...

I also love the socks on Sandy's hand - thought I would point that out ( =.

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...


I PROMISE, I would walk another 60 miles for you anyday. Despite glowing britches, gloved hands, blistered toes, and fever blisters, it was a journey well worth every step. The only down side of the walk....the man with a cast and a crutch that Jacque and I could NEVER catch up matter how hard we tried!! Oh....and the port a pottys....oh, and the fact that we didn't know how to put up a tent...oh, and the part where we pitched our tent in the wrong place...oh and.....

Love you,
Aunt Sandy