Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to all. Katelyn and Jadyn both had their valentine parties today; Bryn's was yesterday. They all came home with lots of candy, cards, and trinkets. Most of the candy is, not surprisingly, gone!

Katelyn's party was a bingo party. They played bingo with prizes parents donated. Katelyn was one of the winners, so she thought the party was a success!

I had a hard day today physically. I was in quite a bit of back pain, too much to bear until I got the right medicine. I will ask the doctor tomorrow if this is okay. I know that the chemo is doing its job. Hopefully, soon, I will not have too many more days like today.

I am going to post some Valentine pictures soon, but for today I will post some more fairly recent pictures from my iSight computer camera now that I have figured out how easy it is to do.



Anonymous said...

Hang in there Jessica. Soon you will be feeling much better. Love the pics of your family. I pray that your doctor appt is a good one for you. Happy Valentines Day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

I'm sorry to hear that your back is hurting. I know that it must be really hurting, because you never complain. Let's hope it is the medicine chasing away the cancer from you bones.

I love the pictures, thanks for sharing. They bring a smile to whomever looks at them.

Happy Valentines Day!

Love, Aunt Janette

Sarah said...

Even when you're in pain, you can cross your eyes and smile! Just another reason I love you Jess! I hope you feel better tomorrow.