Monday, February 12, 2007

2nd round is going fine

Hi all. We have had a fun/busy weekend. I have felt good the last few days after my 2nd chemo round. I have to even remind myself I am in treatment. I found out that I do not need the red/white blood cell boosting shot at this point in my regimen. My counts have been good, and they (doctors) seem pleased. I am having some back/bone pain, but have been able to do most of my normal routine. Round three is Thursday and then I am off for a week. In between that time, I will go me another doctor, my surgeon Dr. Euhus, to get his opinion of how things are going and just get this amazing man's input. He is so wise, and yet can explain things so simply that I love going to see him!

I and another mom took Katelyn and several of her friends to see "The High School Musical" Friday night at a local high school. Katelyn's 6th grade class is performing the same musical in just a few weeks. It was fun to see the whole play and not the bits and pieces we see in rehearsal. We are all looking forward to the big show.

Saturday, my wonderful family spread out the three girls so that Jake and I could go to a marriage event at our church. It was an all day conference put on by Gary Chapman who wrote the book, The Five Love Languages. Jake and I both learned a lot of strategies, and it was also nice to spend the day with him. We did not know if we would be able to go out for Valentine's Day, so we took the opportunity to go to lunch at a fun restaurant called the Candlelight Inn. It has booths that kind of close up, with dark lighting and candles. It also had a small jukebox at each booth and I took a chance and tried it, and it worked! It was a fun date. I realized that I do not post many pictures of the two of us, so with the help f my new camera's iSight, here we go...

Jadyn and Bryn have been in rare form lately. Tonight, Jadyn obviously wanted some time alone and Bryn wanted to be attached at her hip. Bryn came running to us crying. She told us that Jadyn was making something and wouldn't let her see. I asked Jadyn what she was doing and she explained after some hesitation that she was making a picture for Bryn...for Christmas! ...and did not want Bryn to see! Here at the Kaylor house, we plan out our gifts months in advance. For example, I am sure Jake had my Valentine gift planned back in August.


Anonymous said...

You sure are a sweet lookin couple!! Hurray on feeling so good. God is just sooooo good.

Anonymous said...

So fun to see the photos and here the good news of how well you are feeling. Happy Valentine's Day Love, Lynne and Dave

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures and the status - keep up the good work! Hmmmm....last time I saw you your hair wasn't that straight.

Lots of Love,