Thursday, February 15, 2007

Round 3

Today I had round three of my new chemo, Abraxane. Here is a picture of me getting treatment. It is not my favorite photo, but I will blame it on the poor indoor lighting...right?!

My treatment went well. My mom went with me this time. It was so nice being with her; we were able to work on our BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) together. Mom goes to BSF on Monday nights, I attend Wednesday mornings. My chemo nurse was Pat today. This should mean nothing to you, but to me it is a little more helpful. Pat was Dr. Haley's nurse before Carrie. So, I felt better able to tell Pat some side effects knowing she might have more knowledge than a typical chemo nurse. I told her of my back pain. She was able to get me a new prescription of my pain medicine and have it faxed over to my pharmacy right then. Also, Dr. Haley wants to reassess on March 1st with an appointment with her to go over any more bone/back pain I am experiencing. Lastly, I told Pat about my bleeding problem. I have realized over the last day or so that I do not have nosebleeds per say, I have a lot of blood in my mucus. Pat took note of that, spoke with Dr. Haley and told me to also mention in to the doctor on my next visit. It is a potential side effect, but one they like to know about and observe.

All in all, it was a good day. My pain is less today than yesterday, partly because I started taking my pain meds (which are taken as needed). I will try taking it regularly for a few days to see what happens. Thanks for your concern, and I will let you know of any changes.

On another note, the girls received Baby Alive dolls for Valentines Day. They are enamored by the dolls. Jadyn even woke up today saying she was dreaming about her Baby Alive. In case you do not know, Baby Alive actually eats, talks, wets, poops, plays, and I am just surmising here...requires a college education! So far, we have fed the dolls at least 5 times, each time requiring a new diaper change after announcing "Oh-Oh, I'm stinky!" Nevertheless, Jadyn and Bryn LOVE taking care of the dolls. Jadyn was concerned this morning when her baby was not sleeping enough, while Bryn went and checked on her doll who was sleeping snuggly in bed, at least 5 times to make sure she was still sleeping. There are now 5 kids at the Kaylor house, new additions being "Kara" and "Baby Lu". I have now put a "diaper limit" on the dolls at one per day. I do not care to buy too many more doll diapers. I just finished that with the real version and I am quite happy with the savings from that accomplishment! I wonder if there is anything else the Kaylor household can cut back to one per day. I am thinking about family emergencies, and crying kiddos for starters. It could go something like this "Sorry Jadyn, Bryn already cried once today, I will have to fit you in tomorrow." :)

Love to you all,


Anonymous said...

I do wish you would write that book! What is the title, you can't run in flip flops? Now that is a vision!

I know what your house needs - a boy!

Hope you are feeling better. Thanks for the smiles.


Amy said...

It always brings smiles to our faces to read your blog. You bring such glory to God as you walk this journey. We aspire to your example. I did my BSF today while comfortably sitting at my dining room table, not while receiving chemo. You are my hero.
Amy and Erik

Anonymous said...

p.s. Boy meaning boy like a male fish!