Friday, September 15, 2006

Results from the MRI

The MRI on Jessa's back showed that she had been treated with radiation and that she has a bulging disk (whatever that is) and a Schmorl's node (I had an even less of a clue what this was so I looked it up but I still don't know-- I wasn't able to translate the medical jargon). However, the scan revealed no pinched nerve so we're still not sure what is causing the painfullness in Jessa's skin.

I'm not keeping the results from the bone scan from you-- we haven't gotten them back yet-- Jess or I will post when we get them.

I don't have a funny story to share with you about Bryn, but I do about Jadyn. Tonight she announced at bedtime that she was the "middlest"-- Bryn and Katelyn have no hope of ever claiming that distinction.

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