Monday, September 18, 2006

Good News

Jess got a wonderful b-day present today. It was personally delivered by Dr. Haley today. We were hoping that the full body scan would show that the tumors had not gotten worse, but the news was better than that. Some of the spots are getting better-- they show signs of healing! Yes! Sometimes everyone will chip in a few dollars to get someone a bigger, nicer present. In this case you and lots of others chipped in your prayers for a big, perfect present!

I'm still feeling the lingering effects of a migraine I had this weekend so I am going to bed, but let me leave you with a funny story. Jadyn was sitting with me watching Bryn try to write jer alphabet letters. They have mostly been looking like scribble scrabble, but she did really well on her P's. Jadyn gushed to her little sister, "Bryn you're a great 'P'er." You might have to say this one out loud to get it.


Anonymous said...

What wonderful news for this Monday evening. Don't ya just love the way that God works? Praise be to Him. Happy birthday Jess!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess, it was great talking to you last night. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

All my love,

Aunt Janette

Sarah said...

What great news! Happy birthday, Jess!

Bangsunds said...

Jess -- I am sure you had a wonderful birthday...what a great present!!
Love, Lynne and Dave