Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hair cuts!!!

Okay, the little girls decided they wanted a hair CUT. Meaning, they did not just want a trim, but a to their chin hair cut! I was a little unnerved, especially with Bryn's long curly locks. Jaydn's hair is already fairly short (shoulder-length). So, we sat on that decision for a few weeks, four in fact. So, here we are a week before school, and they still wanted a short hair cut. Actually, it went a little like this...

Jadyn: "I still want my hair cut short."
Bryn: "Me too!"

Bryn could be called the "me-too" sister. Ah, the love of the youngest child.

So, my mom picked me up and off we go to get their hair cut. I had already decided that if they wanted their hair cut more than a little, we were not going to Cool Cuts for Kids or Sweet and Sassy. Those are fine places, but I wanted certainty, and that meant Cory at Sheltons! When I have hair, he cuts mine and he has cut Katelyn's locks for years too.

It went great. The girls look beautiful and I know their new styles will be easier for me in the long run with styling in the morning. Here are a few pictures from the big event.

Before... (still lovely as can be)

During... (I love the serious face!)

After! (don't you just love a good haircut!)

These pictures were taken with my mom's camera, so while I was downloading the hair pictures, I snagged some more good ones. Some are of Hope's last days in Texas. Austin started school already and has made a few friends, one just in their neighborhood! I am so happy for them, but man, I miss you guys like crazy!!!

Austin and Grandpa (I think this was taken with Grandpa's long arm!)

Austin is having fun playing Monopoly with Uncle Garett and Grandpa.

Cousins are the best! (Katie with Ella, Austin and Bryn)

Grandma and Ella, all smiles!

Look at that smile...I could eat it all up!

Swinging with Ella :) 

Another picture was of my Dad and his Dad. He has parkinson's and is now in an assisted living facility. This is good as he was in the hospital not long ago. Here they are with my Dad's sister, my Aunt Joann. I love her and her contagious smile. Don't you just smile looking at it!!

Unless another major event happens, my next post will probably be first day of school pics! Yea for school:) My tummy has been hurting a bit, so all my prayer partners out their can add that to your list.

Love to all of you,


Anonymous said...

First off..I am praying for NO STOMACH ACHE!!! I am praying for not one single ache or pain as you begin your last week of summer vacation with the girls! Second, the girls look abslolutely beautiful. After everyone sees what a great stylist Cory is, he will be booked for months. Thank you for giving us specific prayers to pray over you. I love you, Jess. Have a great, great day.

Aunt Sandy

Elizabeth said...

I Love the girls new hair VERY stylish. I will also keep you in my prayers as I always do. Enjoy your last week of summer vacation with your family. Take Care!


Anonymous said...

As we cover you for the stomach pain, we give thanks for HIS many blessings. We also pray for and give thanks for your witness to the world. You truly have touched countless lives in the past few years.
Enjoy your week as you get ready for school again with the girls and Jake.
And we are diggin' the haircuts by the way...
I am reminded of this verse...The Lord alone leads you! Deut.32:12
We love you!
Bryan & Jennifer

Tessa said...

We love that Corey!! The girls look great and it is alot easier to do short hair! I cannot believe that Hope moved Austin Burcie from me. I know he will miss me as much as I will miss him! Send them my love!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mike does show up on film! Thanks for the pictures and stories - great as ever.

Stomach ache - yuk - what did the doctor say?

Enjoy the beginning of school - getting back into a routine will be good.

Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Your baby girls look adorable!! I am sorry your tummy isn't feeling well. I pray for it to feel better. You sound happy and excited for the girl's school year to come. You don't know who I am but I follow your journey closely; I finally got the courage to send a comment. I feel a connection with you...maybe one day I'll tell you how I came about your web site.

Anonymous said...

I will too pray for your stomach pain. I will also pray as you send Bryn, your baby to school. I remember how hard it was for a week or so. It will seem quiet at home, but you get used to it in no time!!
I love you and miss our weekly biblestudy time together.