Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day by day!

A really cool thing has happened and I am sorry that I have been slow to tell you all about it! I am improving! Don’t stop the presses or anything; however, I have found a concrete example of said improvement.

At the beginning of the summer, I started going to a Bible study a friend has been leading for the last 3 summers. It was a big commitment for Jake and me to make, because it meant Jake driving me there at 8:00 and then picking me up at 10:00…PM. On several occasions, the yikes would have to be woken up to come get me if someone was not there to watch them!

Well, a dear friend Jaynie called me up the night before the first meeting and offered to pick me up. I laughed and told her that Jake would have to take me as no one else could possibily get me into my wheelchair, into the car, up the steps of the house I’m going to, and all back again. We hung up and Jake and I smiled at her offer, but knew that I was not ready for that. Ha Ha!!

So, the summer went on, and I attended Bible study each Tuesday with Jake as my chaufer. BUT, on the last day of Bible study, Jaynie was able to pick me up, get me in the car, up the steps of the house, and back home safely again, just the two of us! What a change! I am amazed at the change before my eyes. Yea!

This means
1) I am getting stronger to do more on my own
2) God has accomplished a great work and
3) I trust my friends!

A BIG thank you to my friends (and sister!) who have learned to break me out of the house. I know it is a huge sacrifice. Asking me to go to lunch, or take the kids to Chick Fil A is not an easy task. I understand and so appreciate the huge effort you make to include me. You all rock!

Here are a few photos of San Antonio that I snagged from my Aunt Sandy’s photo card. Enjoy☺

Jadyn and Bryn smiling the entire vacation...

Jake said he was not in any of the other San Antonio pictures I posted, and so here he is...he was actually there!

I love this picture of my mom and brother, Garett!


Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures but especially the black and white one. your brother in-law did a wonderful job creating special moments for you. It sounds like you have had a fun summer with the family and friends. God is good.

Anonymous said...

one more thing, I love the photo with just the girls feet at the top of your blog.