Monday, July 28, 2008

Now showing...The Kaylors...on Ice!

Jake's brother Zak has been in town this week.  He is a ton like Jake, but with even more energy (if you can believe it!).  Bryn even said, "Is that Daddy's twin?"!  Because he is just pure fun, and such a great uncle, the girls have almost instantly bonded with him.  

The girls love to have him swing them around like a monkey! 

Katelyn thought she was too old for "monkeying around", so Zak picked her up and showed her otherwise!!

Like Daddy, without back problems! Yea Uncle Zak!!

Jake and Zak both love their computers and word games.  I think in this picture they are actually playing scrabble via the web together at the table!

Kateln got her hair cut the other day and could not stop taking pictures and touching her soft hair.  I know she wishes she could get her hair professionally styled each day.  Wouldn't we all!

Today, I was able to finally fulfill little Bryn's wish.  Every time we go to the mall, she wonders when she will be old enough to ice skate.  Knowing I couldn't go, I took the opportunity with Uncle Zak in town to be the other hand needed for the little ones to ice skate for the first time.  Katelyn, even though in her lifetime has probably skated a dozen times, is a great skater.  She is very comfortable on the ice. Jadyn and Bryn surprised me so much. They were so good for their first time on ice! They all skated for almost 2 hours! I am so happy to have been able to watch all their smiles:)


Anonymous said...

Simple pleasures are great treasures. So happy for the family time w/ Zak, the twin!! Thank you Jess, for keeping us all posted on your summer fun. You are loved and prayed for by many.

Natalie said...

That does look like lots and lots of fun! I am glad that Bryn got to go ice skating!

Let us know if she wants to go again, Kirstyn would love to have a friend go skating with her. Kirstyn has been taking ice skating lessons for a couple of months now and loves going with her daddy to skate but occasionally comments how she wishes she had a friend that could come too!