Friday, July 18, 2008

San Antonio was muy bueno!

We had a wonderful time in San Antonio last week.  We were blessed to be joined by my Mom, Garett, Austin and Aunt Sandy!!  We relaxed, swam, went to Sea World, laughed, cried, laughed 'til we cried, ate yummy food and just had a lot of fun together.  On the last day, Bryn kept telling me "Thank you for taking me to San Antonio!" every time I looked at her!  

On the first night, my brother Alex, who lives in California, was in San Antonio on business! We all met for a nice Mexican dinner.  What fun! The girls had seen Alex earlier in the summer, but I have not gotten to see him for some time.  It was great to catch up.  

The next day, we went to Sea world! The girls were so looking forward to going. The shows were spectacular! Jadyn's favorite part was feeding the dolphins. In fact, she said it was going to be her favorite thing even before she did it!! I am so glad it held up to her expectations. Later on, she actually said that "everything" was her favorite. I think I agree:)

One of my favorite activities was when the girls got their hair braided and they said they could keep them in for about 2 weeks.  Wow! Two weeks of having their hair pretty much done is money well paid to me!!  

Another favorite time was swimming! I was able to get into the pool at this hotel courtesy of a lift system.  I had not been in a bath tub, let alone a pool since California, so it was such joy to be in the water with the girls.  They had so much fun!  The hotel's lazy river lived up to its name.  Half way on the river led to a beach area where the girls enjoyed playing in the sand. I was so thankful for this opportunity.  

My mom bought a disposable water proof camera so I will have to post our water pictures after I can get them converted to a digital format. Sorry! Just imagine us having a fabulous time. Here we are getting ready to go into the water!!

Sandy has some more pictures on her camera, so I will post even more fun later!!

Physically, let's just say, I made it! It was wonderful to be in the water and I am excited to start water therapy with my new PT, Andy, on Tuesday. It was also the best feeling in the world to see smiles on the girls' faces having fun. It was a great trip, and one filled with blessings. The blessings that made the trip possible and so many more during our stay. I love vacations. It produces so many memories and is pure fun. I think we should all take them more often!


Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a wonderful time. You deserve it!!!!



Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great trip! I agree about how fun vacations are and that we all need more. We recently got back from a fun trip, too. I am so glad you got to take part in so many of the activities with the girls. Thinking of you!

Wendy Casas

Anonymous said...

I am just thinking of you. I am so glad that you enjoyed yourself and had such a wonderful time with your girls! I think of you always and your always in my prayers!!

Julie London