Saturday, July 5, 2008

Visitors and the waiting game

We have had a great week with my aunt Janette and family coming to visit all the way from New York. They drove the trip in two days, which is an amazing feat! We had lots of family dinners, a trip to Six Flags, and fun celebrating the 4th of July together. It was great to see their family! (Pictures to follow:)

I moved up my MRI to this week as I was in a lot of pain (the appointments were scheduled for Monday and Wednesday). The MRI showed no fractures, but tumor growth where the pain is that I am having in my lower back. My pain management doctor (Bruel) is in contact with my radiation oncologist (Spangler) and oncologist (Haley) to adapt the plan to help me feel better. As long as that area had not been radiated, Bruel seemed like that would be a good choice. He also adjusted my pain medicine to better manage the right pain I am having. I like this doctor a lot and I am thankful he has come onto our team.

Each day is different. Some are pretty bad, others are good almost all of the day. I cannot pinpoint what makes a good or bad day. I know the distraction of doing things and having friends around really helps keep my mind occupied on other things. I have also been known to think that a coffee drink at Starbucks curs many ailments!

I have many pictures to catch you up on. I finally downloaded my mothers pictures of Bryn's lovely birthday tea party. She felt so special and had tons of fun! Bryn has such wonderful friends and awesome parents.

Katelyn was a huge help at Bryn's party. She took pictures, helped with all the games, encouraged the children, passed out food, monitored them outside...she was so patient and kind. I really don't know what we would do without her:) If anyone needs a party planning assistant, I know she would do a great job for you!! She even held she is with Ella

Ella came over to visit (Hope comes over a lot to help me) and she loves snuggling with her cousins.

Jace came over for a visit too (with his mom Mandy of course). I love to play with Jace. His smile is so cute.

Bryn and Jadyn dressed up like Pipi and a tiger (from Kumg Fu Panda) for their camp at Trinity Valley a few weeks ago. Here they are, ready to go to camp. At camp, they wore their masks that they had been working on and went on a parade.

Mixed in somewhere in my camera was a picture of Bryn when my dad was in town for a visit. We went to Traildust for dinner and Bryn wore a tie to be cut off (a tradition in the restaurant--a no tie policy!) We had a lot of fun with my dad, but we did not take a lot of pictures. I think he did, so maybe he could send some to me (hint, hint!)

I love this picture of Bryn and Jadyn getting ready to grown up! My mom has taken the little girls and their cousin Austin swimming at my grandmother's country club pool quite often this summer.

Lat week, Jadyn and Bryn had fun washing Dad's car! I think the car got washed a little.

When Gene came into town, I knew he could fix our wobbly living room fan. He and Uncle Mike did just that. They also added a remote control! Yea! However, I was slightly worried about their method of using the ladder.

Jake and I were at the doctor in Dallas all day when our family enjoyed Six Flags. Jadyn and Bryn were able to tag along and they all had a great time!

The 4th of July brought the annual Arlington Parade. We comprised an entire block! Okay, this is not all our family, but it is a good portion of the area! Jake, Sandy and Pam and Chance all got up way too early to save our nice seats in the shade. Thank you!!

Ella loved her flag and waved it proudly!

My cousins Corbin and Carter are so grown up! They are enjoying the sun watching the kids swim. We all went over to my Aunt Jacque's house to swim and cook out. Fun!!

Thankfully, Aunt Pam loves the pool and loves her nieces and nephews. She usually spends most of her time in the pool with them!

I am not sure of how this happened, but Sandy is in the pool with all her clothes on and I think Uncle Mike had something to do with it!

I so enjoy my time with our family!

The evening of the 4th, we went to the Curtis's (Zander and Kaylee's grandparents house) to set off fireworks. We did this last year too, so I officially call this a tradition. The first picture is of the men explaining all the rules. I think the speech ended with "Fireworks are fun, but fireworks are serious."

We stopped at a fireworks stand before we got the the Curtis house and bought plenty of fireworks! We all loved the show Jake, Shawn and Gene put on. Here are the girls in awe! I love their sweet faces.

As usual, whenever I post, it's long.  But I hope you enjoyed our pictures.  Take care,


Anonymous said...


I loved the blog and the pictures. You have such a loving and wonderful family. I especially loved the pictures of Sandy, particularly since we don't get to see her much anymore. It looks like you had a fantastic fourth. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Becky W

Amy Sossamon said...

I LOVED seeing the pictures....I check your blog all the time to see how you and your family are doing.

Anonymous said...

I am a faithful reader of your blog. I so enjoyed your pictures. You have a wonderful family and it was fun seeing pictues of Sandy with her nieces and nephews. Take care and know you are thought of often and always lifted up to our wonderful God.
Beverly L

Anonymous said...

When I looked at the pictures I thought - is that me or Jacque? I have to send you more - we are home safe and oh so miss you!!
Love always
(aunt) janette

Amy said...

Hey Jess,

I firmly believe Starbucks coffee cures any ailment. I should drop by with a drink for you...oh, how I wish! Seriously!


Anonymous said...


How wonderful it is to see that you are surrounded by such a loving family. You are truly blessed. I keep you in my daily prayers. I'm praying for God to give you strength. I'm glad you like the new Dr. on your team. Our prayers include you encountering helpful doctors. I'm glad you had a great 4th. Watching a parade in the shade makes all the difference. We'll keep you all in our prayers.

L. Caballero