Monday, July 7, 2008

New photos!

My Aunt Janette sent me a few photos from her trip to Texas from her camera. Enjoy!

My mom with granddaughter Ella.

Aunt Diane with grandson Jace.

Jadyn, Kaylee, Kaycee and Bryn at the pool.

Mom, Jacque, Sandy and Janette in their cute pink shirts!

Janette is on the left and Jacque on the right!

Zander, Kaylee, Austin, Jadyn, Bryn, and Mark with Tweety Bird and some other strange character at Six Flags!

Today has been a "good" day for me physically, and Katelyn is coming home today! Yea! I know she has has tons of fun in Oregon with my family, but I miss her like crazy! I hope she took lots of pictures for me to show you.

Love to you all,


Anonymous said...

It was wonderful seeing Katelyn while she was here. We (Katelyn, Alex, Sarah Jane and I) all went to lunch at Benihanas. Missed you ! I told Katelyn to give you a hug from me, be sure to get it from her!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all the pics! Sometimes, I just want your family to adopt me! I do love my own, but it's not as big! I've been praying for your pain management and the team treating you. You are amazing!!!!! Looking forward to another school year with our soon to be 8th graders!
Love you friend,
Carrie P.