Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Follow Up

Yesterday, my surgeon called to give me the general consensus on the meeting about my ongoing treatment. As usual, it brought more questions that I will have an opportunity to ask at my next appointment Monday.

They saw no advantage to surgery at this time. They also want to save radiation to use later if needed. (Evidently you can only radiate a certain amount). I love what my friend Alyson said after I told her this: "We won't need it... We won't need radiation ever." She is so positive! I love that, and it's true, I won't need that radiation anyway!

I will keep taking a Lupron shot which shuts down my ovaries, a aromatose inhibitor once a day (a pill form like Tamoxifin or Femera) and a Herceptin infusion every three weeks. All very do-able, and easy to handle. I will ask Monday how long I am to do this regimen. But, I like what a close watch they are going to have on me.

I think I'll follow Alyson's advise to this step too, I'm glad we're doing all we can to prevent this recurrence, but it's not going to happen!

Still floating on a cloud,


Bangsund said...

You are a joy...I send you our love and can't stop smiling and telling everyone we see of your wonderful news.

with love and prayers,

quinton13cyrus said...
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