Monday, August 15, 2005


It was really nice to have a "normal" weekend. No trips to the hospital, no throwing up, and everyone spending the night in the same house. I say this because Jess thinks that the latest updates might be too boring-- not enough excitement. I am completely the opposite-- no exciting news means Jess is doing OK, so bring on the boring stuff I say!

Today was perhaps the smoothest first day ever. The copier wasn't fixed until this afternoon, but my classes went just fine anyway. Katelyn had a good first day back too.

Tomorrow Bryn gets her cast off although (I'm not making this up) she really likes it and has grown attached to it. That said I hope she has had her fill of casts this year.

Jess has her first tests this week on Wednesday. I'm asking our God of the Possibles for the impossible-- that the scans show that there are no tumors at all. God will choose to do what He wants to do (and we are OK with that), but there's nothing wrong with asking for the whole enchilada, right?


Bangsund said...

Jake and Jess -- thanks for the post and the good news that life is somewhat normal. It was so nice to see Katelyn while she was in Portland. We are on baby watch -- waiting for the birth of Luke or Leoni. We will let you now when Amy gives birth. We continue to have you in our thoughts and prayers.

Amy Sayegh said...

No news is good news! I love the everyday life! I am blessed by it. I know you appreciate it, too. I have complete faith, I know that your scans will show nothing. God is working miracles in you to show the whole world His glory. Thanks for your inspiration!
Amy in NY

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jake, it is o.k. to ask for the whole enchilada.. I am asking for the exact same thing for my Mom... It's the only thing we can ask for for those we love... Thank you so much for sharing.. God Bless You!!

Kristin in NY

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica and Jake,

We loved having time to spend with Katelyn. She and Sarah Jane seemed to have fun even though it has been a year since they saw each other.

Be sure to save Jadyn's cast. We have Sarah Jane's from when she was 3- bright pink! and we use it to decorate our Christmas tree every year (ok- we are a little weird but...!)

Our prayers are always with you. I hope Katelyn gave you my hug and kiss Jessica.

I am with you Jake- I love boring!!

Lots of love,

Anita and the rest of the Dalmar/Lowther gang