Sunday, July 29, 2007

Summer fun

Katelyn went to church camp last week. She came home Friday, and had so much fun! I love her time away to be with friends, play on a pretty cool lake, and learn more about God. This year continued on our VBS theme of heroes. She came home singing such a catchy song, "Jesus you're my superhero. You're a star. My best friend!" Imagine it with a super-fast beat and you might get the idea. Or, if you are around me, you will catch me signing it!

Leaving for camp...

And coming home!

She also came home with one pair of shorts that are going to have to go right into the trash. I think they were the pair she used to go slip and sliding. You might be thinking water, right, but Katelyn and the other 6th graders slipped and slid on mustard, ketchup, relish, baby oil, and I’m sure whatever else they had on hand!

Jake was gone all last week during the day at a literacy in-service for teachers. Jadyn and Bryn are taking swim lessons last week and this week. They are doing so well! Jadyn has really taken off. Bryn is also doing great. She did not want to even put her face in the water before lessons started. Now, she says that is her very favorite thing to do!

I got caught with a little virus last week. I had been dragging for several days, very tired and weak. Last Tuesday, I had a fever. Not high for normal standards, but pretty dangerous for someone on chemo—101.5. The fever held on for a few days and I was able to see my oncologist Wednesday. She put me on an antibiotic. She also ran blood work to find all my counts to be very low. She gave me a red blood cell boosting shot and told me to eat liver! I was pretty anemic, but I just settled for a steak! Actually, Dr. Hayley does not like liver either. I have been feeling more like myself this week.

I have been getting around very well, to me! I have stopped using my cane altogether. I walk a little slower than most, and have a slight limp. But, I feel good, which is the most important thing.

Saturday, our family went out to my sister Jennifer’s house in Granbury. She has a new house that has a pool, so we spend most of the beautiful day outside. We really had great weather. I also was able to visit with my step-dad’s sister, my Aunt Joanne, who is in from Arkansas. It was great to see her!

Here are some pictures of the kids by the fountain and having a blast swimming all day. The girl high in the air is Raegan with her strong Daddy (Russel) catapulting her into the air.

My cousins Mark and Ryan left for New York Monday. They have been with us for so long, it is weird to have them gone. I am sure their parents miss them, but they can come anytime!! We have had some fun filled weeks with them.

Katelyn and I are about to leave for Portland, Oregon to enjoy some time with my Dad and family! I am sure I have not taken a trip with Katelyn alone since I have been married (almost 9 years). I am very excited for the break! Jadyn and Bryn will not doubt have a blast at home with their Daddy!


Anonymous said...

Nice shirt Katelyn ( =
Love, Aunt Janette

Tessa said...

Hey, I will email you the pics from camp you can post the 6th grade initiation pics on your blog. Have a great time in Portland. Make sure to tell Katie that I love her and Sandy loves me more!!!! hee

Jace said...

It sounds like ya'll had lots of fun swimming! I miss you!
Love, Mandy and Jace

Anonymous said...

Camp was so amazing...even though Katelyn wasn't in my group. I still got to see her shine!
You are doing an awesome job with this one!
You are always in my players,
Misty Kauffmann