Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bryn is sick

Bryn has had a virus since last Friday. She threw up for a couple of days and then since has not eaten very much. She's drinking liquids so I'm not worried about dehydration but her fever is staying around 102 even with children's tylenol/motrin. Only Jadyn got to go to Camp Thurman this week-- I'm going to have to reschedule Bryn. Please pray that she starts feeling better and a big thank you to MeMaw and Popo for helping out.


Taylor said...

oh my goodness, i work at camp thurman! i didnt know jadyn was there, but will definitely be looking for her tomorrow. hope bryn feels better and that she might be in my group if she comes one of the weeks im working - that would be sooo cool :)

Alpha 1 Vann Clan said...

I hope Bryn is feeling better, Jake.