Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Benefit Dinner

When Jesus died a painful death on the cross, they had to come up with a new word to describe his pain…excruciating. It comes from the word crucify. They had no other word that came close to what Christ went through. I feel like that tonight. “Thank you” is not adequate. It does not come close to the overflowing feeling of complete gratitude I have in my heart for each of you…for your prayers, your support, your love, and for a beautiful evening. The benefit at Young tonight seemed flawless. It was so touching to look out into the crowd of hundreds of friends and family and see so many coming together for one purpose. The work that so many of you put into this event is priceless to us. Your care and dedication has kept us afloat when we feel like we cannot stand up on our own. Today I am trusting in God’s plan for my life. Tomorrow I will say the same thing. I will tell myself that every day because God’s plan is bigger than my plan. Bigger than this cancer. I feel like I am looking through a pin hole at that plan, but He sees the aerial view. A good friend gave me a bracelet that says “Trust your journey.” God has given me this journey, and I feel more confident walking it, knowing that you are following me and leading the way and bathing us in your prayers. Thank you! You all amaze me each day!


Teri McLean said...

Dear Jake & Jessica, I'm so glad your benefit dinner was a success. I only wish that we were close by, so that we could have come too. Our congregation has your family in our prayers,(Crossroads United Methodist Church) in Ashburn, VA. We're so glad that already your tumors are shrinking & we'll cont. to pray for complete healing. I saw on Good Morning America that hot peppers are found to reduce some types of cancer. I'm sure they're abundant in Texas. Also, I have a book I'm reading that I highly recommend, "Your Best Life Now" by Joel Osteen of the TV ministry.
Much Love, Aunt Teri

Anonymous said...

Dear Kaylor Family,
You don't know us, but we know all about all of you! We were blessed to have Judy teach our daughter Courtney two years ago. Please know that you all are in our prayers everyday. Ryan and Court pray for your kids to be blessed. Keep your spirits.
Much Love
The Stegall's