Friday, October 21, 2005


It's been awhile since our last posting mostly because of a cookie problem. Our computer caught a virus and we had to wipe the hard drive. We put pretty much everything back on, but I didn't adjust the internet setting correctly and we weren't able to log onto the blogger for awhile. It was a simple fix, but I tried lots of complicated things first.

Jessa's hair is coming back, and it's as soft as baby hair. There wasn't much point in shaving my head before since she always wore a wig or a bandana. However, she is wearing her "buzz" cut out in public now, so I decided to buzz my hair too. Actually Jess buzzed it since I have as much small hand cordination as a horse ("yes" I know they don't have hands) so if I had done it I would have looked like I and Bruce Willis had the same hair dresser. Having the same hair cut is the closest Jess and I will ever come to looking like twins. Our digital camera had a digital breakdown, but when we get it fixed/get another one-- I'll post a picture.

Jess has her first scan to check to see if the cancer has come back, since her remission, in about two weeks. She is more excited than worried-- can't wait to hear them say "still no sign of cancer."


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! You were missed. We would love to see the pictures when you get them up. Remember to include the girls!
All our love,
Gene, Janette, Ryan and Mark

Kate said...

Hi Jake! It's your cousin Kate - it was so lovely to see you at Heather's wedding (I meant to leave a comment and tell you that months ago!). I'm so glad to hear that you and Jess are doing well. Big hugs to your whole family.