Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Good News

This week an amazing amount of people have been praying whole-heartedly for us. Every day Jess and I ran into people that have emotionally supported us and encouraged us. It has been a hard week for both of us, so this has been much appreciated and needed. We are blessed to have you all online, rejoicing with us in good news and praying for change when we have bad.

I have news today of bad news changing to good. Finally, Jess was able to speak with Dr. Barbara Haley (her oncologist) over the phone. It is her opinion that the scan that showed what may have been a significant increase in tumor growth actually shows signs of healing. In other words the tumors are getting better not worse.


Anonymous said...

Yea! for the good word, Jessica. I have been thinking of you and praying for you often. Especially since I saw the scan results. You are such a strong person the way you handle everything with grace and faith. When I have struggles you inspire me to keep faith.


The Bangsunds said...

Your support system is incredible. What wonderful news and we are so happy Jess could speak with her doctor. Hugs to you all.
Lynne and Dave

Gretchen said...

Praise God. I like the sound of that. You all have a great week and hope to see you soon.


Bev Damon said...

So happy to read this!! You are constantly in our prayers.

Bev and Duane Damon