Thursday, March 2, 2006

Scan Results

For the first time, Jadyn walked almost normally yesterday. Before yesterday, she was walking like she still had a cast on.

The scan Jess had last week measures the amount of sugar the tumors consume. The more sugar it consumes the bigger the tumor. There are three tumors (I didn't realize she also has one on her rib cage in addition to the one on her lower spine and collar-bone). All three tumors have more than doubled their amount of sugar consumption. There is however a chance that the tumors "flared" as a result of the treatment, but if that's not the case they have grown considerably. Neither Jess or I know how a tumor "flares" but she is planning on asking Dr. Haley soon. We hoping and praying for a clean scan: Jess and I both are very shaken by the news.


Anonymous said...

You have to keep in mind that no new tumors were shown, that is great news. We will keep praying for everything to go away, but for now the news is ok. You have made giant steps in the last year. Keep the faith!


Erik Bangsund said...

I am praying that you both hold tight to the Rock. Let Him keep you steady
1 Peter 5:6-8:
God's mighty hand will lift you up in due time.
He cares for you.
Watch that your anxiety is not used to devour your hope!

Bangsund said...

As always we have you in our prayers. It will be good when you can talk with your doctor and get a better sense of her wisdom and perspective.

with love,
Lynne and Dave