Friday, April 28, 2006

Doctor's appointments, a stuffed bear, and a real doll all wrapped into one interesting blog update!

I wanted to update you on this past week; it has been a good one! Monday I met with my surgeon, Dr. Euhus. He thought he felt a lump during his routine exam. He thought it was a cyst and sent me for a sonogram. It all came back clear! I tell you this not to worry you, but to tell you what confidence I have in my cautious doctor! I went ahead and asked him if I would ever be on the new drug I heard him talking about on television. He said that it was a drug for people who are at a high risk for getting breast cancer, not for people who already have it. Therefore, I will never have this particular drug.

I had a normal treatment of Herceptin and Xeloda Thursday. The girls went to work with Jake for Take Your Daughter (and Son) to Work Day. They had a great time with their daddy.

Bryn keeps us all laughing all day long. We had one of Jake’s old friends from college and his children visit us over the weekend. We took them to Bass Pro Shop (a huge outdoor store in town). Jadyn and Bryn had never seen so many animals that were stuffed before, so needless to say, their eyes were huge over every bear, deer, and duck that we passed. Two animals were in a pose that showed a bear about to bite a deer. Bryn started yelling “We do not bite! If you bite, you get vinegar!” (We give the girls about a 1/8th of a teaspoon of vinegar if they bite. It goes without saying that they do not bite very much!)

Bryn had her 3rd birthday Wednesday. The time has just flown by. She had a fun day filled with presents, cake and family. Her party is this Sunday. It is a dress up party. My Aunt Diane is coming and is bringing a friend’s daughter to the party. When I told Bryn that her Aunt Diane is bringing a little girl for her to play with, Bryn got a huge smile on her face. She exclaimed, “What do you want to name her?” Not able to withhold my laughter, I said she already had a name, and was not hers to keep. I explained that she was coming to play with her and then go home with her mommy. I guess Bryn thought her Aunt was buying her a real girl! Good luck family trying to top that present!

Jadyn and Katelyn are enjoying their soccer seasons. Katelyn is involved in three choirs and has three end-of-the year concerts within the next three days. We will be kept quite entertained and busy this weekend!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post! You have me smiling and laughing. I can only imagine how huge Jadyn's eyes got when she saw the animals, and Bryn's response is priceless!

If Aunt Diane was younger I would give her a hard time about giving Bryn the little girl, but we will leave that up to Mandy and Hope.....

Wonderful news about the doctor. Have a great weekend.

All my love,
Aunt Janette

Mom said...

Bryn is so funny. Oh, if we could all see life through the eyes of children a little more often. What pure, unmitigated, utter, absolute, total, joy you all bring to my life. Jessica, Jake, Katelyn, Jadyn and are each your own kind of wonderful. God bless you as we enjoy life together. I love you with all my heart.

Bangsunds said...

Happy Birthday Bryn -- we send our hugs and kisses. Have a wonderful party with your friends.
We laughed all the way through your wonderful note.
Dave and Lynne

Carol said...

So glad the news continues to be good!

Amy Sayegh said...

I'm so glad all is going well with you. I have been to the Bass Pro Shops in Nebraska, and I know exactly what you are talking about. It's huge! We don't have anything like that in New York, though. I don't know why...
So good to get so much good news this week!