Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Happy Easter!

We had a lovely Easter weekend with family and friends. Friday, Jake and Katelyn were off school, so the five of us went to an egg hunt and picnic at a park. The kids hunted for eggs, pet animals, and ate a ton of food and candy. Saturday, we attended another fun hunt and party at a friend's house. It was a beautiful day. However, we have had to stay in the shade lately (the weather in Texas had toppled over 100 in the past few days!) On Easter Sunday, we all attended church and listened to my aunt Sandy and mom (Judy) sing in the choir. Then, we headed over to my grandparent's house. We ate and hunted eggs once again. It has been a wonderful, busy weekend. It is so fun to watch little kids when they find an egg (even one that is right in front of them on the lawn--no "hunting" required!)

I am feeling good. My feet are still an issue, but it is fairly minor. I have two appointments next week. One is a three-month follow up with my surgeon and then my normal infusions for the month. I was watching the news about a new drug (a replacement for tamoxifin) that has come out when I saw my very own doctor explaining the drug and results to a study! I love to see my doctor's on the cutting edge of medical findings. I feel so confident in the doctor's I have at UT Southwestern. It makes the drive bearable...although I might be singing a different tune as our gas is so close to $3.00 a gallon that I cringe when filling up!

I am learing in my BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) class about Joseph and his incredible perserverance through such difficult problems. In Genesis 50:20, it says that what man intended for harm, God intended for good, to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. I look back at the year to see such big trials, but God intended them for good. Another thing that impresses my about Joseph is he sees God's blessings in the midst of his hardships. So often, we have to look back at a difficult life event to see God's hand in it, well after the problem is over. I am thankful that during the trials of this year, it has been easy to see his blessings every day.


Anonymous said...

Since you were a baby there has been a been a peace about you. I hate that you have cancer but I love how you always find the positive in it. That is why you are going to be cured. Looking forward to many more Easter egg hunts with our children.

Carol said...

You have been blessed...this is quite obvious. It is also evident that those who surround you feel blessed by knowing you.

Mom said...

Oh, how I love you. I have been thinking about "our journey" with God ever since I started BSF. Funny how He speaks to us even when we aren't expecting to hear from Him. Isn't God amazing? I loved your comment about the kids getting excited about finding eggs right in front of them. It made me smile. I wonder how many smiles you have given me in my lifetime. Countless...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

I am so glad that you had a great Easter. We will be thinking of you and your appointments this week. You have such a positive outlook, that we all are re-learning our faith through you.

Happy early birthday to Bryn! Wish we could have shared this one with her also.

All my love,


Anonymous said...


Aunt Janette