Monday, May 15, 2006

3 Day Walkers and Jessica Front row: Cousin Mandy, Jessica, Aunt Dianne; Back row: Mother Judy, Aunt Sandy, Sister Jennifer (not pictured: E.J.) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

OK Sisters, love the picture, but it needs to be lighter - would love to see that smile where even stragers stop me and say 'are you a McNutt?'!!

Love, the YOUNGEST sister....

Anonymous said...

How is training for the 3-Day going?
Tried to walk with the kids today. When we got to Boles they decided they wanted to play tag. Kaylee was tagged and started throwing a fit. She did not want to be "it" and she did not want to be "tagged" but she wanted to play the game. Hmm? The point of the game? She threw such a fit we had to go home with her screaming the whole way.
Rule #1 try to bribe husband so he will watch kids so you can walk.

We missed your blogs. Welcome back.
Jacque (far left in the pic)