Sunday, May 21, 2006

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Hi there!

I went to the doctor on Wednesday for a routine follow-up and treatment. My treatment will stay the same and Dr. Hayley saw no new "bumps" (as a friend's children call them!). I told her my back had been hurting and since I had the same symptom on my last visit, she sent me for an x-ray after my appointment.

It showed that there was accumulation of cancer cells on my last rib. It is not a new spot, just an active one. So, she suggested I have a few rounds of radiation on my back. It would alleviate pain and diminish the cells. I will let you know when that new adventure begins. I am not too nervous. I have heard of some side effects of radiation, but those have all been from women that have had 30+ rounds. I get the impression it will just be a couple (2-3).

We have had a busy weekend. I got to go see a movie with some friends Friday. Saturday after church, my mom watched the girls so Jake and I could have a much needed date night. We went to see the local high school musical, The Boyfriend, (which was phenomenal) and out to dinner.

The girls are all happy and well, keeping us laughing all day long. School is out Thursday for Jake and Katelyn so we are all anticipating a good, long break.


Carol said...

Your friends in New York think of you often and will pray as you begin this new course of treatment.

Amy Sayegh said...

Hi Jessica,
Good to hear from you. I loved the picture. I had 33 "blasts" of radiation. Not fun, but you can do anything! You are amazing and you have so many people praying for you. Give me a call if you need any pointers!

Bangsunds said...

Jessica -- thanks for the update. Dr. Haley has such a wonderful can-do approach. I have every confidence you will do just fine with the the radiation. Friends that have had radiation seem to do just fine. What great news that it can lessen your back pain.

with hugs and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,
As a fellow sister in Christ I am prayinag for you. You are such an awesome witness for God's enabling power and the faith and strength He gives us to get through the really tough stuff! thank you for your example. Susan