Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another baby Kaylor is on the way

Actually it's a baby Maxted, but since it is my sister giving birth: baby Vanessa Chloe will be a flesh and blood Kaylor. I think Sarah finally realized I was getting way ahead in the daughter race (3-0) and realized she better jump on the band wagon before my kids were old enough to be her kids' aunts. She is going to be induced next week. You can read about her (and see her pictures dubbed by her as "the incredible expanding Sarah") at

Just a small clarification on Jess she has cancer in her clavicle, but the pain and discomfort she is experiencing in her shoulder is from hurting muscles.

I started playing indoor soccer last month when I turned 30, and got my first injury this last week that wasn't fitness related (that is wasn't related to my sorry self being out of shape). It isn't serious, but I tweaked my knee enough to make it uncomfortable to do any sort of physical activity. This weekend, injured knee and all, I completed an 18 hour soccer coaching clinic ("E" level) in the 90-100 degree weather. I think I got a pretty good taste of what Jess has been experiencing: I could still do what I needed to do, but I experienced a bit of discomfort doing it. The course itself was wonderful: we had a great group of coaches and I think I learned a lot that will help me coach the U-14 girls team I am coaching. I really appreciate the group of guys and gals who came over to our house while I was getting my certification this weekend and helped out a ton with house inside and out.

All three of our kids are loving school. Katelyn adores her teachers and does her homework without having to beg, bribe, or threaten her. Since Jadyn doesn't get to go to school until after lunch, Jess says Jadyn will ask her if they can eat lunch in the morning. Bryn has been learning a little bit of Spanish at Fielder Road and would suffer insanely from jealousy if she didn't get to go to school like Jadyn does. I myself am really liking school as well. I have a great group of kids this year who are both fun and funny.

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Sarah said...

Thanks for including the link to our blog! And thanks for your help with the settings on our blog. You may be ahead 3-1, but it's exciting just playing the game! I'm glad to have you, Jake and Jessa, to give us good advice and support. I love you two and my three brilliant nieces!