Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A fairly calm week


We have had a good week of school activities, meetings, soccer, and yes, doctor's appointments. Everyone has had their first day of school. Katelyn is enjoying all the privileges of being the oldest at her elementary school. She seems to really like her school, and loves her teachers and friends. Jadyn is the youngest at her school, in Pre-K. Jadyn asks every day when we can eat lunch as she knows that each day after lunch, she gets to go to school. Bryn comes home very tired from her school Tuesdays and Thursdays. I ask her what she learns at school and she says...nothing. Then I hear her the very next moment reciting, "uno, dos, tres...uno, dos, tres..." Her teacher used to teach the Spanish program for the school, so I know she is learning this there! It is a great 3 year old program and I am grateful she is able to attend. She has made several friends and comes home wanting to know if she can go to their birthday party or if they can go to hers.

As we were teaching Bryn her teacher’s names, I was repeating them over and over..."Mrs. Neelson and Mrs. Woodson..." When I prompted Bryn to say the names on her own, I said, "Okay, Bryn, it's Mrs..." She yelled "Sippi!" Being a little slow, I repeated, "No, Mrs..." She again said, "Sippi!" I guess I had no idea our three year old knew the state
Mississippi, but she does! She has now gotten her teacher's correct names down.

My doctor's appointment today was just an infusion of my two drugs. I did fine and still have no side effects from this treatment. I see the doctor again in mid-September and go for more scans the first part of September as well. It seems like I just had scans done, but Dr. Haley said it has been 3 months. I take her at her word, all the while wondering where our summer went that I think 3 months ago was 3 weeks!

I still have minor shoulder pain, but am dealing with it through rest and medicine. The continued reminder that it is not cancerous is so beneficial mentally. I know the pain will subside and have started light weight training to strengthen the muscles around my shoulder. Just call me Dr. Kaylor, but I thought it might help.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

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