Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hi all! I hope you are having a fabulous New Year. I put a few new songs in my music player above, including one of my new favorites, "Psalm 40". Try it out!

Since I last blogged, I have had my second chemo round of Ixempra. It has been a great drug for me, once again. Some days, I feel more tired than I think I should. However, a few naps later, and a few meals out instead of in, and I am back on track. Lately, my hip is giving me a few more issues. I have not been taking my pain patches as consistently as I should, I guess because I have been feeling good. That might be the issue entirely, but I would still covet your prayers that my hip would feel better.

Beautiful girls...

Jadyn is about to be in her first school talent show act this Saturday. We have had several rehearsals and they have done so great! They are dancing to the song, Calendar Girls. Here's a group picture (minus "December" who was sick).

Here are the girls in line at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. I have found that I love this restaurant, but it is not entirely kid friendly. For one thing, even though the menu is a spiral bound 50 page book, there is NO kid's menu. Are they nuts!!??

PoPo gave the girl's a train set. We set it up, and they were giddy with excitement that it actually worked! When I stopped them from playing and told them I was going to take their picture, they quickly looked up and went into a perfectly posed position in a nano-second. I think they are quite used to getting their picture taken!


Anonymous said...

I hate that your hip hurts - take those patches!! Please don't forget.

Hmmm more naps and more eating out - sounds like a plan. I'm glad that you are feeling good. Take care of you - the most important.

Beautiful pictures of the girls. Thanks for sharing.

Aunt Janette

Amy said...

Praise God that the Ixempra is doing the stuff. We will continue to pray. And I second Aunt Janette. Take your pain meds. :-)
Amy, Erik, and the boys

Anonymous said...

You are looking so good, Jessa. I think the girl's beauty must come from their mom. I love you!

Aunt Sandy

Anonymous said...

Or their aunts....( ;