Sunday, January 27, 2008

January, starts the year off right!

Well, January has brought from the Kaylor family:
--Plenty of cold weather--so much that I had to go buy some new pants for all!
--Jadyn was fabulous as 'January' in the Calendar Girls act in the talent show
--Katelyn's first final exams in junior high--she did very well!
--Another loose tooth for Jadyn--I pulled this one too!
--Bryn learned to blow her nose--this might not seem like much, but blowing "in" is easier. We have a whole new world, and a clearer nose!
--Jadyn has started Basketball at the Y--so cute
--Katelyn has finished Basketball at Boles-so fast
--Jake's sister, Sarah with James and sweet baby, Vanessa visit!
--Visit to zoo with aunt Sarah
--I have finished my 3rd round of Ixempra with so few side effects--yea!
--Katelyn went to a Kaleidoscope dance
--Grandma Cindy came to visit from Oregon!
--Bowling and dinner at Magic Time Machine with Grandma Cindy

Funny story of the month:) Katelyn asked me for a cell phone again. I said, "Now Katelyn who would you call?" (She is not a big phone talker). She said, "MOM! I would not talk to anyone!" She said this as if it was SO obvious that cell phones are not for talking, Duh-texting!!

Another story... while at the zoo last weekend, we saw a huge eagle spreading its wings out for an indefinite amount of time. The entire time we were there, it was like this (see picture below). I asked Bryn what she thought the bird was doing, she said without hesitation, "I think he's praising God!" We all thought it was so precious and Bryn does not like the extra attention, so she quickly said, "or he could be stretching!" I told her I loved her thoughts. This week, it has been brought up quite a few times. She'll say, "remember that bird that was praising God?" I don't think I will ever forget!!

And, now for a few pictures...

Jadyn's "before" picture for her hair getting ready for the talent show.

And "after"...with all those curls.

Here she is all gussied up with a good friend in the Calendar Girls (she was September!)

At the Zoo with our 5 plus Jake's sister Sarah, James, and their baby Vanessa (16 months).

Don't you love baby Vanessa's sunglasses!

The famous eagle.

Katelyn getting ready for a dance. She would not let me take any more pictures. Next time, I'm taking them anyway!!

Jadyn and Bryn getting their toes done by mom. We set up a "spa day"!

Bryn, ever the snuggle-bug with Mom.

Jadyn playing Basketball.

Jadyn with Grandma Cindy.

We went to the Magic Time Machine for dinner while Cindy was in town. Cinderella was out waitress!

We also went bowling with Cindy. All the girls played by themselves and did great. Katie even got 3 strikes. I think all that Wii Bowling has payed off.

Love to you all,

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admccomb said...

I just love seeing pictures of the girls. It makes me feel like I'm not totally alone in Arkansas :) I'm glad to hear your third round of treatment went well. Well, send the girls my love, and know that I'm thinking of you in research land! Love you!