Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pain Under Control

Jessa's pain is finally under control today. Not only is this a huge blessing but it brings her closer to being able to go home. Jess turns 33 tomorrow and coming home would be a great birthday present for her.


Lynne said...

Jake --- thanks again for the update with so much going on. We are so thankful to hear that Jess's pain is under control. Give her a birthday hug for us.
We keep you in our thoughts and prayers,
Lynne and Dave

Anonymous said...

Yeah for good news!! Praying for Birthday at home,

Lisa Smith

Anonymous said...

Yeah for good news!! Praying for Birthday at home,

Lisa Smith

Carla said...

Yay for "Pain under control". That is exactly what I have been praying for. God is so good - and what a special birthday present for you!!
love, carla

Anonymous said...

In the midst of what seems unbearable, God sends angels. Dr. Haley's nurse, Linda will definitely have stars in her crown one day for her care for Jessa. Happy, happy birthday sweet Jessa. I thank Jesus, specifically today for giving our family one of the greatest blessings in all of our lives. Next birthday, we are going on a girl's weekend...your choice of destinations. Eat cake, blow a's your day!

Aunt Sandy

Amy said...

Dear Kaylors,

We are thankful to God for pain being under control. We love you and are praying for Jess to be home for her birthday. A side note: I think of you every Wednesday morning during BSF. I know your class misses you and is praying for you.
Amy, Erik, and the boys

Anonymous said...

Jess... I hope you have had some time with your Abba tonight. I know He has things He wants to share with you. I'm sure He wants to hold you close and tell you how much He loves you.

"For the Lord your God is living among you. He is a mighty Savior. He will take delight in you with gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs." Zeph 3:17

Do you hear Him singing? That's what I am praying for tonight.

Short story from today:
Friend called to meet her for lunch at Jason's Deli. I was so late that she had to leave 10 minutes after Lance and I arrived.
I wondered why I had come...
The line was so long I decided to visit with her for those 10 minutes before ordering. By the time the line was short, I didn't feel hungry at all.
I wondered why I had come...
By this time Lance had decided that he didn't want food from Jason's so he was going to eat later.
I wondered why I had come...
I decided after all that I would get a salad so I wouldn't be hungry later, even though I REALLY didn't feel hungry enough to eat.
Then I found out why I had come...

Standing in the salad line I heard an elderly gentleman good -naturedly fussing that the item he wanted was hard to reach. I engaged him in conversation by saying "they are just trying to give you exercise to keep you healthy!" He laughed and said, "Oh no, if it weren't for Jesus keeping me healthy I would have no hope." Next thing I knew I was asking him to pray for you as he went through his day. He agreed. And then everything stopped (funny, I don't think anyone else was at the salad bar even though it was "lunch hour") ... and we prayed together right there ... right in front of the olives! He prayed the powerful prayer of a believing man who had lived out his faith. As I walked away he said, "They told me I had cancer when I was 26..." And simply held out his hands as if to say, "And look what Jesus did."

Divine appointments. No accidents.

Thank you for sharing your journey with me ... my faith is strengthened along the way.

Listen for His Song ...

Wendy Smith

Anonymous said...

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!!!
We are SOOO thinking of you on this special day. Boy do I feel old when my oldest niece is 33! Wishing you a wonderful day.

The Yetters

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jessica,
You're in our thoughts and prayers today....and everyday. Each day is a beautiful gift from God, but birthdays are even more special.

Aunt Mil & Elizabeth (from NY)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jessica! Hope your day is filled with joy, love, peace.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jessica! I hope you are at home and pain free. I pray you enjoy your day with your family. You are always in my prayers!!!!

Julie London

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jessica!

I'm praying that the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort (II Cor 1) would comfort you today in every way.

Love and prayers,
Julie Medley and family

Anonymous said...


From One Froggie-Carebear Mom to Another - I'm sending Birthday Wishes and Many Prayers on this special day of celebrating YOU!

Love, Melanie

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you Jessica....

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jess! Here's hoping that it finds you pain free and with your family. You and yours are ALWAYS in our hearts and prayers.

Carol (NY)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Blow out the candles, and make a wish. Knowing you're home celebrating with your family means our birthday wish for you has already come true.

Charlie and Katrina Fitzpatrick

Nancy said...

Happy birthday, Jessica,

May this day have been filled with family and friends and the constant presence of inner peace from our Lord.

Nancy Oakley

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jess! So glad that your birthday has arrived with some relief from the pain you've been experiencing.

I'm so lucky to have been born into the same family as you! Hope your day has been full of sweetness!


Sondra Adair said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Jessica!!
"I thank my God on every remembrance of you"

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed our visit yesterday. You looked beautiful! Birthday hugs.... Karen

Dear LORD,
We are grateful You are helping Jessica and we pray she gets well and gets to come home right on schedule. LORD, you are Jessica's El Roi (The God Who Sees). We are so grateful that you see her needs and are looking on her with Your compassion and that You are meeting her needs. We thank You LORD that You hear our prayers for Jessica.
With love in Christ,
Deb Westphal

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jessica

Alpha 1 Vann Clan said...

Happy Birthday, Jessica! So glad you are feeling better.

Aaron and Kim