Thursday, December 15, 2005


I think the week really started for Jess and I on Tuesday. Of course I know the week starts on Sunday, but since this week has been remarkable it must have started on Tuesday. Tuesday for Jess meant that a friend of hers (actually a friend of mine too) paid to have the house cleaned and decorated for Christmas. If you've been keeping up with us you know how little time Jess has had and she also been a little tired and worn out. Therefore, having her house cleaned and decorated was a huge blessing-- I think it stole the stress directly from her. For me Tuesday started with a stool. I have the world's rickitiest stool that puts whoever sits in it (that would be me) somewhere between near death and very real simulation of a bucking bronco. No longer though because a student bought me a brand new stool. During class I mentioned that Jadyn would be having surgery January 3rd because I wanted them to know why I wasn't there the first week they get back in January. The next morning the same student brought me a card with a Walmart gift card. Then a teacher offered to bring a meal on Thursday. It was perfect timing because today Jess had a treatment (non-chemo). Then today, the faculty at my school surprised me at our Christmas party after school. Word had gotten out that Jessa's back has been bothering her since the tumor came back in her back and that our bed (which alhough I don't think was the cheepest bed available was probably the second cheapest) despite my efforts to make it more comfortable is still like sleeping on a pile of moving rocks to my wife. Anyway, the faculty took up a collection to buy us a new mattress. Then they asked the Matress Giant on South Cooper (next to Applebee's) if they would match the contributions. The district manager just happened to be there (yeah right-- thank you again God). After hearing our story, he said that instead of matching the gifts, he would just give us a new mattress. Wow! I get to pick it out on Saturday. The first night that Jess sleeps on it I'm going to put a pea under it and even if she doesn't notice it (she probably won't with a pillowtop), I am still convince that she is my princess. Thanks you God for blessing us.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica and Jake,

I would wish for you the true meaning and blessing of Christmas fill your home, but it would seem that is already the case.

You continue to be in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.

Love and Merry Christmas to you both and your beautiful girls.



Anonymous said...

You may want to have Jessica pick out the mattress to save you some aggravation!

Thank you to all that not only step up to the plate to help out, but go above and beyond. You are all truly angels on earth.

Janette (NY Aunt)

Anonymous said...

God is soooooooooo Good! I am touched everytime I read your blog. Merry Christmas to the Kaylor family.

Bangsunds said...

With tears of joy in my eyes...I send you our love and continued prayers..
Merry Christmas...and sleep soundly dear Princess and Prince.


Anonymous said...

Your web site is such an encouragement for me. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for pointing to Christ. You are a precious family!
Brooke Hicks