Monday, December 19, 2005

Jess Ran Off to Mexico

Actually the title is quite true. Jess did indeed run off to Mexico. This year she headed up an Angle Tree drive at our church for an orphanage in Matamaros, Mexico. I am very glad she is able to make the trip-- the great thing about being on the oral chemo now is that she was able to go because she can take her pills with her. The director of the orphange's wife is battling breast cancer as well, so I am hoping Jess can find a kindred spirit. My guess is they will both encourage each other with the faith they walk with. She comes home tomorrow night. Her mattress arrives Saturday. Mattress Giant was just going to have us pay the delivery fee, but now they've decided to take of care of that as well. It's a $1500 pillow top mattress with both latex and memory foam. Most importantly when Katelyn and I tried it out it passed the get out of bed test. What I mean by that is one of us hopped out of bed and the other one didn't move. I think we spent less than $200 on our old one and the only get out of bed test it ever passed is that neither Jess nor I have ever fallen off the bed while the other one was getting up. I don't know what the beds have been like in Mexico, but I'll be glad when she can sleep peacefully through the night in her new bed.

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