Sunday, October 8, 2006

A sore throat has made the rounds at our house. Jessa's voice sounds the worst of all of us though. If anyone owes you money I will get Jess to call them because she sounds a bit like an Italian mobster.

Katelyn had a soccer game in Weatherford which is about an hour from here. Since I took four other members of her team they got to bond on the way up and back. The soccer fields in Weatherford were the worst I've ever seen. They had a look that despite the lack of cows said, "Cow pasture." Every time one of our girls fell down they came up with a lot of stickers. Even the ball had stickers. On throw-ins it was a little like throwing in a porcupine. On one particular bad spill one of her girls fell flat on her butt in a patchful of briars. There were so many she had to come out of the game. One of the brave moms on our team pulled them out one by without the aid of tweezers. I might be the coach but as far as I'm concerned that mom had more dedication than I will ever have to the team.

Jess decided not to make the trip and stay home with the Yikes. She was a bit worn out and decided to have breakfast for dinner. Bryn was even more worn out though:)

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