Monday, October 16, 2006

You Shedn't Do It Alone

I have been working on putting together a shed in our backyard for quite awhile now (I got it for my birthday back in July). Several people have come over and we have put it together a little at a time. So far the foundation and walls are up and now I am slowly putting together the roof. It's not something that can be put together quickly because everything has to line up just right. I think God will do that with our lives if we let him-- if we slow down and do what we're supposed to everything lines up. Jessa's health hasn't gotten any easier (it is always going up and down)-- right now she is dealing with acid reflux-- which has been wiping her out some nights, yet I can see how her life is "lining up" just perfectly.

As has been my habit of late I bring you another funny Yike moment. Jess was in the van with the Yikes when Bryn asked for "Standy." Now, the kids adore Jessa's Aunt Sandy so Jess naturally assumed she was talking about her. Nope. Bryn began to get hysterical when Jess repeatedly didn't understand what in the world she was talking about. Finally the "Standy" mystery was solved. She wanted to hear a song from a VBS CD, "Standy on the promises of God." I don't think I'll hear the line "Standing on the promises of God my savior..." the same way again.

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