Saturday, January 6, 2007

Happy New Year

We quickly discovered that DSL is only fast after you get it set up. First the equipment never made it to our house. Then they sent the equipment. Then Jess and I have felt the complete opposite of high tech savy as we tried to set it up: would that be low tech savy? Anyway, we're up and running now. Although, I think Jess has definitely missed the Internet the two weeks she has been without I think she will love cruising down the Electronic Highway on her new MAC laptop.

One more change on Jessa's big scan. It's now going to be on the 11th. Her infusion was already scheduled for that day, so Jess is getting it all done in one day now.

We were watching Kaylee and Zander yesterday and decided to take them out afterwords to get ice cream. Thirty minutes later they they and the Kaylor kids we're all playing on the outside playground there. Jadyn came up to me very distressed and said Zander said, that he was going to suck her butt. I went to find Zander. I hadn't gone but about five steps when I saw Zander with his hand up in the air like Dracula saying, "I want to suck your blood." I guess there a lot of things you never hear when you have all sisters , but I think this is probably the sort of thing that boys say all the time. Five minutes later after Jess explained the confusion to Jadyn, they were all back to happily playing.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

My thoughts will be with you tomorrow for a clear scan. But my thoughts are always with you. Looking forward to hearing good news.

Love you!!

Aunt Janette