Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Switching Medicines

We got the scan results today from Dr. Haley. Over time, cancer cells build up resistance to chemo medicines, and we found out that is now the case with the chemo medicine Jess has been taking (Xeloda). There is a very small one (so small it can't be felt) under her arm in the nodes and another spot of more concern in her left hip. Fortunately, there are many chemo medicines that are still effective, and Jess is going to start a new one next week. This one is called Abraxane and its in the same family as the chemo medicine Jess was first on called Taxoteer. She'll have to go in every week (with every fourth week off) to get it through her port, but although its a stronger medicine Dr. Haley said Jess won't get nauseous this time and there is only a small chance of her losing her hair again. It definitely wasn't the news we were hoping for, but we remain hopeful of positive results from the new medicine of the course of the next three months (at the end of which Jess will get another scan).


Anonymous said...

Hang in the Jess! You are still in my thoughts and prayers.

Amy Sayegh said...

Hi Jessica,
Just want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope your new medication doesn't make you sick! Stay strong!