Sunday, January 28, 2007

Good News about Jadyn!

There have been quite a few nights when I have peeked in on the Yikes and they have been on their knees praying together. Jadyn has been asking a lot of questions about heaven, sadly because our Uncle James recently passed away. Well last week after the girls were in bed, Jadyn told me she wanted to ask me something, but then said never mind. A few minutes later she said she wanted to ask me again. She asked me how she could let Jesus in her heart. Of course I immediately asked if it was okay with her if mommy came too. She very shyly said "yes." She prayed a very simple prayer and afterwards Bryn was so excited she was jumping up and down and couldn't go to sleep.

Here's the latest Bryn story. Bryn frequently leaves off the final "r" in long words. Like she'll say "sista" or "foreva." Being the linguistic geek that I am when I was talking to Jess about this I told her that leaving the "r" off is non-rhotic which is how they talk in New York. Bryn just happened to walk in right as I was talking about it and she wanted to know what we were saying. She asked us, "New Yawk?" She would fit right in with our wonderful family in the big city!

Jessa's new treatment is Thursday. We'll let you know how it goes. Thank you for your prayers.


Mil (A Friend From NY) said...

Oh could I argue with you about New Yorkers and how they speak. In fact, it's a rather famous Texan that doesn't know there are two "r's" in library....but my reason for leaving a comment is to tell you that I pray for your family every day.

Anonymous said...

Jessica and Jake,

Wanted to let you know we are praying for y'all and about the new treatment medication. Just wanted to encourage you by reminding you what an inspiration you are to so many. Your lives teach by example to so many about peace and joy and faith.