Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Better Week

So far, this week is better than last. Last week I felt like my family's world was zooming out of orbit into the sun. This week it is more like riding a comet past the sun-- no crashes but still hectic. It's the end of the year for my girls and me which in some ways has been frantically checking off the list of things to do.

One of those things is award ceremonies. We went to Katlelyn's ceremony on Monday where she was honored for being a member of the National Junior Honor society and for earning academic letters in English, Math, and Science. Given the stressful year she has had I'm proud of her success. Tonight was the award ceremony for my students. As I looked out into the crowd of teenage faces I realized how much I am going to miss the 8th grade class from this year. It was pretty neat seeing my kids from my classes and ones I've gotten to know that I don't have get well-deserved awards. Then I found out the surprise the faculty and yearbook staff had for me. This year's yearbook is dedicated to me. One of my students who is on the yearbook gave the sweetest speech about me. I got to unveil this year's yearbook which commemorates Young's 30th anniversary. I was very surprised and humbled especially when someone told me to look over to my left and there was my family lined up against the wall. It meant a great deal to me that my family and my school had taken time and effort to honor me.


Anonymous said...

What a great honor Jake. It doesn't surprise me that your family was there to support and congratulate you. You have one special, huge family. But most of all God was right there among your family, friends and school cheering you on. He knows just how special you are. You are a great guy Jake.

Lynne said...

Jake -- so glad to read it was a better week. Congratulations to Katelyn on her that is quite an accomplishment. How thoughtful that your school recognized you in such a touching way. I am sure each day is a challenge and keep breathing:) with care, Lynne

Anonymous said...

How great that you can still see the blessings amid the storms! It sounds like many of the Kaylors had special kudos this week. Jessica would be proud of the who bunch of you. As Lynne and Jacque say, "breath."