Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Team CouraJess!

Hello Friends, Natalie Dickey here. I have (with permission) hijacked the blog once again! The last time I did anything over here I was busy making the Kaylor's space on the Internet just a little bit prettier. Today I didn't do any major making over, I just added a little piece of information that I thought you might be interested in knowing!

Okay, take a second, stop reading and glace over to your left.

Do you see that? Isn't the Team CouraJess t-shirt great!

Do you need want one? Do you want to help the Breast Cancer 3-Day Team CouraJess meet their fundraising goals?



They will get you one of these fabulous shirts for a minimum $20 donation!

Here is a picture of the front and the back!

And now that you have seen that I know that you can't wait to get one for yourself! I love mine!

Go ahead, send an email to placing your order.... I'll wait.

Are you back? Good.

Thanks for placing an order and thanks for coming back to finish reading my rambling this post.

The Kaylor's and Team CouraJess would like to say thank you for supporting them on this challenging but blessed Journey!

Oh and thanks Jake for letting me hijack your blog to write this post!


1 comment:

bshenry said...

Love the shirt, and "CouraJess" is just genius! :)