Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not Alone

I have been longing for an easy button lately. I feel like I have been through enough hard stuff, and it would feel oh so good to coast. Sitting on church on Sunday though I realized that 1. it's not going to get any easier and 2. it's about time I shifted my focus from asking how can my life be better to how can I fit into God's plan for the world. Right now that plan starts with three people Jadyn, Bryn, and Katelyn. Thank goodness I'm not doing it alone. Yes, I rarely get a break from taking care of them, but I have lots of help. This last week my mother-in-love has been to Katelyn's volleyball games, Aunt Sandy came and did a clean sweep of the girls' rooms, my brother-in-law Garett watched them some of the days after school as did family friends Shelly and Leslie, my neighbor Al made a late night run to the grocery store, and it is truly amazing that people still pray for us. I'm making a trip to Philly this weekend to see Heidi and the number of people involved in coordinating a weekend of my girls' activities plus house sitting is pretty amazing. All this to say, I'm canceling the pity party and sending God a big thank you, if you want I'll let you sign the card :)


Carla said...

This is exactly what God told me yesterday! Go ahead and enjoy this day. This is the day the Lord has made. I must choose to rejoice in it. God isn't looking for an easy button for my life, He wants to be glorified in it - and it's up to me to do it!

Thanks for updating your blog. I read it and pray for you and the girls often.

Mike Or Cherie Stephenson said...

You and your family are often on my mind. I pray for all of you often. I wore my CouraJess shirt last week. I can't tell you how many people will stop me when I wear it and ask about it. It is always a moment where I can share Jess's story and yours. God is being glorified by your faith and walk with Him. I even met your Pastor's wife and found out our children are in class together. God is good and He is working out His plan for you.

Lynne said...

This is the day the Lord has made...let us rejoice and be glad in it... we send our love and hugs,

Al Rearick said...

Since the pity party's over, I say it's time for a PARTY Party! Since it's cooling off, the time's right for another campfire! :-)

Always here for you, my friend.


Alpha 1 Vann Clan said...

I hope you enjoyed your time away this weekend. I enjoyed seeing all your girls at church on Sunday. You are in my thoughts and prayers!