Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Kaylor update

Jess had an appointment with her surgeon last week. I think it's a little strange that she meets with him every three months because she has never and will never have surgery because of the cancer. However, in normal cases the surgeon is kind of like the quarterback of medical treatment determining who the patient sees next. In Jessica's case though Dr. Haley has made most of the medical decisions and rightly so because it has been Dr. Haley that Jess has needed treament from.

Jess is having an infusion today. I love the sound of that word. It sounds so much better than chemo. The word"infusion" just rolls off the tongue. It makes it sound like Jess is going to something wildly fun and exotic instead of get a dose of Herceptin into her port. Jess told me this morning it would take about three hours from the time she checks in to the time she checks out. A lot nicer than then the all-day procedures she used to have to go through. Three hours will give Jess plenty of time to get caught up on her bible study and get some much needed alone time.

Jadyn turned four on Saturday. She and her friends went to a salon where they got to dress-up like princesses and get their hair, nails, and face done up. She looked absolutely gorgeous. We still don't have a digital camera, but I'll be able to put a picture soon because several people are going to email some to us.

Jadyn is getting surgery on her hip to correct the hip displasia she has battled for most of her life on January 3rd. Please pray that it is succesful this time.

Last night for Halloween Jadyn and Bryn went to a festival at our church and Katelyn went with a friend to go trick-or treating. It was appropriate that Katelyn went with a friend because Katelyn was Thing 1 and her friend Chandler was Thing 2 (from Dr. Seus). Bryn was Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Jadyn was Minnnie Mouse. They all looked fantastic.

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