Friday, November 25, 2005


Jessa took her chemo pills yesterday for the first time. As the day wore on she became more and more tired and a little bit sick. I and the twenty-some people that had gathered at Jess's grandparents house thought that the chemo pill was going to have more effect on her than we thought. However, this morning (even after another dose) she was feeling just fine. Jess was the first to point out that her feeling badly was the result of the side-effects yesterday of the new medicine she took with her infusion yesterday and not the chemo pills. Despite not feeling completely herself Jess had a great time yesterday. The happiest I ever see her is when she is with her family and yesterday was no exception. I got to say the meal-time prayer yesterday and I think I echoed our family's feeling that this doesn't alter our faith in God to heal her and we our thankful that God will take us along this part of a very bumpy road just like we He has thankfully taken us through the last part.

This morning Jess is going shopping with two of her very good friends. I think she'll be fine, but I suggested she rent one of the motorized schooters I always see advertised for older folks. Only one of us thought that was funny and it wasn't her. It's amazing to me how strong she is even when she is weak. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday.

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