Monday, November 14, 2005

Scan tomorrow

Jess has her first scan tomorrow since we found out she was in remission. Before we believed that Jess would be healed; now that she's better-- it's weird but-- it's just as hard to have faith that she will stay in remission. In many ways cancer is never gone for anyone that has ever dealt with cancer. Every time we hear of someone with cancer it touches our family very deeply. It is particularly painful to hear of those dealing with terminal cancer. For those it must be even harder to hold onto their faith. For me faith is trusting in God when you don't understand why your world is having an eathquake.

We went to a Jeremy Camp concert last night. His music has very much ministered to our family. Since he lost his wife to cancer many of his songs deal with issues our family has faced, and so it was very powerful for Katelyn, Jessica, and I to be singing together knowing how it has touched each of us. The one song I sung with tears in my eyes is this one, entitled I Still Believe: I still believe in your faithfulness/I still believe in your truth/I still believe in your holy word/Even when I do not see/I'll still believe.

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The Bangsunds said...

We have you all in our thoughts and prayers...

With love and hugs
Dave and Lynne